Andreas Prokop raised the issue of kinesin nomenclature on twitter over the weekend “I am tired of having to look up lists!”. I couldn’t agree more, it’s insanely confusing - especially when you’re trying to synthesise literature across several model organisms (shout out to Ustilago maydis and Dictyostelium discoideum here). Why is it confusing? The standardised kinesin nomenclature was defined in 2004, where the superfamily was divided into sub families. They even defined how motors should be referred to in the text.

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Sometime ago I got recruited by Jake to help him come up with a summary figure for his paper on p150 and microtubule catastrophe. I place high scientific value on well designed descriptive schematics that help you visualise and explain the process your trying to describe, so I took the task on and decided to use it as an opportunity to build myself a decent microtubule model for later use.

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Ali Twelvetrees

Research scientist looking at kinesin, dynein and neurons; trying to figure out how stuff moves around inside neurons and how it goes wrong in neurodegeneration.

Vice Chancellor’s Fellow