The science twitter community can be a hugely beneficial resource, it can also be overwhelming if your new to it. I asked the scientists of twitter what platform they were using to interact with twitter itself (‘for a thing’). This post is not the thing I was eluding too, but the poll threw up a few tips I thought it worth drawing attention too and I figured I’d chuck some of my own tips in while I was at it.

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Merry Christmas!

When I was on the microscope imaging EB3 comets in axons as a control experiment for a control experiment, I got distracted by the comets in the dendrites - so pretty! They reminded me of the icicle lights on the outside of people’s houses you see this time of year. So this is my science Christmas card to you - have a Merry one :)

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Ali Twelvetrees

Research scientist looking at kinesin, dynein and neurons; trying to figure out how stuff moves around inside neurons and how it goes wrong in neurodegeneration.

Vice Chancellor’s Fellow