Moving the blog

I moved my blog! Not just in terms of where it’s hosted, but how the whole thing is built. Previously I’d been using ghost, which was fine up until the moment I wanted to publish more code/analysis. The process of copy-pasting code and exporting images was taking more time than writing the code itself. I’m now using the blogdown package which builds static websites within RStudio using Hugo and lets you publish the results.

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The science twitter community can be a hugely beneficial resource, it can also be overwhelming if your new to it. I asked the scientists of twitter what platform they were using to interact with twitter itself (‘for a thing’). This post is not the thing I was eluding too, but the poll threw up a few tips I thought it worth drawing attention too and I figured I’d chuck some of my own tips in while I was at it.

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Ali Twelvetrees

Research scientist looking at kinesin, dynein and neurons; trying to figure out how stuff moves around inside neurons and how it goes wrong in neurodegeneration.

Vice Chancellor’s Fellow